Expected Conduct, Rules & Regulations

Please respect the Tournament, the Course and your Fellow Golfers

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1. Positively no coolers are allowed on the premises. All beverages must be purchased through Golf Course due to Michigan Liquor Control Commission Regulation.

2. Proper golf attire is required. Only smooth soled shoes or golf shoes are allowed. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

3. Slow play will not be tolerated. To make everyone’s day enjoyable, we ask each group to “KEEP PACE”. The “KEEP PACE” concept means that each group should maintain their first time interval with the group ahead throughout the round.

4. By participating in the TIT, you acknowledge and accept responsibility for any damage to the golf course or equipment. If infractions occur, the Golf Courses will hold the individual participant responsible.

5. All foursomes will be assigned a “Marshall”. The Marshall is responsible for enforcing the rules of golf and of this tournament. Please refer to the Marshall’s checklist available on the TIT web page.

6. All players are requested to keep the game moving. Limit ball searches to three minutes then drop a new ball and take a stroke. Let’s keep pace. Long delays will not be tolerated – especially since they have agreed to allow us to do a modified shotgun start.

7. There will be a “skins” game for those who wish to participate. Entrance fee is $5.00 per person payable the day of the event. Remember, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, so chip in. You could win.

8. There will be one mulligan (drive) allowed for each nine holes. One may be taken on the front nine and one on the back nine. No, you may not take both mulligans on the same nine. (Mulligans are for “tee” shots, not putts, chips or fairway shots).

9. New players will be allowed to play only upon invitation from a Tull, or upon cancellation or regrets from past tournament participants. So, if you know of someone who you wish to invite, please let us know and if we can accommodate him, we will let you know. Substitutes for first time invitees will be chosen on a first response basis, or upon bribing members of the tournament committee.

10. There will again be an “Orange Ball” contest during the tournament, so polish up your golf accuracy skills. Details available at the event or on the TIT web page. We do this in honor of Bob Edwards who so much enjoys this facet of the TIT. Note – you actually play the ball – no fakies – even on Long Drive or Closest to the Pin holes! Strategize (look at the scorecard) when you set up your rotation through the foursome, if that is a concern to you. If you lose it, that’s OK you still might hold on to it longer than other groups and win something and get to hoist the new Traveling “Orange Ball” Trophy!

11. Although this invitational is for everyone’s enjoyment and fun, the rules of golf still apply. Please count all your strokes (except any permitted mulligans) accurately, no rolling the ball to improve a lie. This isn’t a scramble! This is for the enjoyment of those you play with – as the rules of golf are intended to provide a fair playing field for all who participate.

12. Those of you with suggestions on how to improve the game, the tournament, the rules or the event are welcome to voice their opinion (again a bribe carries a lot of clout).