The Orange Ball Tournament

A Tournament within a Tournament

The Orange Tournament is exactly a tournament within a tournament. The basic premise
is “alternating hole play”, where one member of the foresome generates an “orange”
ball score for the hole played. Once the alternating rotation within the foresome
is establish, it must be continued throughout the remainder of the round. The score
on the “Orange” ball holes will then generated an 18 hole score for that foresome.
There is one twist:  A golfer playing the "Orange" ball hole MUST
use the designated ball  (which can be any color or have a unique designation
on it) given to the foresome by the TIT Tournament Commitee. A foresome that returns
the designated ball at the end of the round is eligible for entry into the "Orange
Ball Tournament"

Simple Rules

  1. Each tee group (foresome, threesome etc…) will be given a designated “Orange”
  2. If given more than one ball, it is likely because the Tournament committee believes
    that one ball is not enough.
  3. This ball must be play on every hole of the round (unless lost).
  4. Once a rotation within the foresome is established, the rotation must be continued
    throughout the reminder of the round. For example (for a foresome), Player A plays
    the "Orange" ball on hole #1. He will then be playing the "Orange"
    ball on holes #5, #9, #13 and #17.
  5. A lost "Orange" ball will eliminate that tee group from the “Orange
    Ball Tournament”.
  6. Score cards must be turned in with:
    • “Orange” ball scores circled.
    • Total “Orange” ball score added and identified on the scorecard.
  7. “Orange Ball Tournament” placing is based on the gross score generated by the “Orange”
  8. No credit is given for more than one “Orange” ball returned.
  9. Generally, prizes for 1st and 2nd place are handed out (Committee

Optional Variations: At the descretion of the TIT Committee, there
may be variations to the above. They may include:

  1. The number of Orange balls given to each foresome. Depending
    upon the difficulty of the course, especially hazards such as water, woods, heather,
    etc…, the TIT Committee may give each foresome additional “orange” balls.
  2. Purchase Additional Orange Balls. From time to time the TIT
    Committee may offer additional “Orange” balls for a fee. Generally, these additional
    fees will be given to the “Orange” ball tournament winning foresome. However, the
    committee may decide to designate a specific donation to Bright Hospital in the
    Steve’s name.