Tips for Speeding Up Play

Here are some great tips for speeding up your play

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  • We chose a set of tees that is best suited to the majority of the golfers that are
    playing in our tournament. So the tees should not cause slow – PERIOD!
  • When two players are riding in a cart, drive the cart to the first ball and drop
    off the first player with his choice of clubs. The second player should proceed
    in the cart to his ball. After the first player hits his stroke, he should begin
    walking toward the cart as the second golfer is playing.
  • Use the time you spend getting to your ball to think about the next shot – the yardage,
    the club selection. When you reach your ball you’ll need less time to figure out
    the shot.
  • If you are unsure whether your ball has come to rest out of bounds, or may be lost,
    immediately hit a provisional ball so that you won’t have to return to the spot
    to replay the shot. For a lost ball, simply drop a new ball somewhere around the
    area where your ball was lost and keep playing (taking a penalty, of course).
  • The TIT allows one mulligan on the front nine and one on the back nine – no matter
    where you started in the shotgun start. Mulligans are only allowed for drives, and
    a “mulligan” is never eligible for a proximity or long drive prize.
  • Begin reading the green and lining up putts as soon as you reach the green. Don’t
    wait until it’s your turn to putt to start the process of reading the green. Do
    it as soon as you reach the green so that when it’s your turn you can step right
    up and putt.
  • Never delay making a stroke because you’re having a conversation with a playing
    partner. Put the conversation on hold, make your stroke, then pick up the conversation
  • If using a cart on a cart-path-only day, take more than one club with you when you
    walk from the cart to your ball. Getting to the ball only to find out you don’t
    have the right club is a huge time-waster on the golf course.
  • Leave your cell phone in the car or turn it off during the match.
  • When chipping around the green, carry both the club you’ll be chipping with plus
    your putter so you don’t have to return to the bag.
  • Play Ready Golf!!!

Thank You

The Tull Invitational Tournament Committee