Steven Craig Tull


Born 1952 : At Rest 2007

“We Remember”

In Honor of our Brother, Steven C. Tull, we have dedicated a few memorial pages on this site. Please feel free to visit the video and picture links on the left to gain a little more insight into Steve’s life.

Steve was the loving father to 4 beautiful daughters; Stephanie Marie (LA, CA), Katherine Jean (LA, CA), Sara Barbara (Austin, TX) and Laura Elizabeth (Troy, MI). They all miss him.

Steve will always be remembered as a person of free will and spirit. He was the creative one who had the photographic eye and a passion for poetry (some of Steve’s works are published here). He dreamed of sailing the world. He was friend and brother, and will be sorely missed.

Steve died prematurely at the age of 55 from a disease/addiction known as alcoholism. Since Steve’s passing, the tournament and it’s participants have donated cash to “Brighton Hospital” in support substance abuse. Please help where you can.