Marshall’s Information

Marshall Instructions for keeping score and marking the scorecard

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  1. Start your score on the correct hole. Please note that in a modified shot gun start you will likely be starting on a hole other than #1. Please make sure you start scoring on the correct hole
  2. For each player for each hole, record the score, number of putts AND number of lost balls.
  3. For each player, please mark the hole(s) on which he uses his mulligan, if he does. Remember, one on the Front Nine and one on the Back Nine – tee shot only.
  4. For the orange ball, circle the score for that ball as it goes through rotation and note on which hole it is lost, if it is.
  5. Under the modified Callaway scoring system we use, please mark what will be the 17th and 18th hole your foursome plays – by drawing a line before the 17th and after the 18th hole. For example, if your foursome starts on hole 12, then your 17th and 18th holes will be 10 and 11. You should draw a vertical line across your scorecard before hole 10, and after hole 11. This allows the fair and proper application of the scoring system we use.
  6. At the end of the round, BEFORE TURNING IN YOUR CARD, please total each players score:
    1. Total In (Front 9) Total Out (Back 9) – and total combined score.
    2. Orange Ball total.
    3. Total all putts for each player – and so note them.
    4. Total all lost balls for each player – and so note them.
  7. If a player has a particularly SHORT drive – please measure it – we derive pleasure in sharing this information with the rest of the players when we hand out our awards at the end.
  8. Once you finish totaling your card, please turn it into scoring table.

The Tull Invitational Tournament Committee